Coming Oct. 30th, 2020
from Close to the Bone Publishing (UK)

US Army Veteran Henry Miller embarks on a hunt at the edge of the Black Forest, but strays from the path and finds himself too close to the East Cascade Mountain Range.

Something lurks in the forest on the other side of those mountains. An ancient race of Bigfoot that have kept to themselves for centuries, until one of them defies the warnings and roams too far from the safety of their home.

When these two intersect, alliances are broken and events set in motion that will leave residents of the town of Easton Falls, Washington, fighting for their lives.

Trail in Woods


"...Garcia delivers the goods with true-to-life dialogue and characterization that lends easy believability to her characters and setting. He co-writer, Ryan Prentice Garcia, lists himself as an Army veteran in his biography. The background story of Henry’s Gulf War service rings true and applicable, and it sets up the main character to be both multidimensional and empathetic.."

-Rebecca Rowland, author of The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight

"The myth of Bigfoot is handled in a very original way, bringing a new energy to the legend, as the authors give life to the fabled creatures as implacable forces of nature: powerful, relentless and savage, but still capable of profound feelings and complex language, like a dark reflection of humanity."

-Goodreads Review

"The Easton Falls Massacre was a short, sharp shock to my brain."

-The Coycaterpillar Reads